They see you when you’re slacking. They know when you come in late. They know if you’ve been bad or good….. But sometimes coming up with gifts for coworkers can be surprisingly difficult. You spend upwards of forty hours a week with them, confide with them about your problems at home, and know just how much coffee they need to make it through a Monday. The best gifts for coworkers are thoughtful, but still work appropriate and affordable. We’ve compiled a list of some great gifts you can get for anyone in the office all under $50.

Holiday Gift guide for coworkers (1)



For the coffee snob who cant stand the office coffee so they always spend $7 at that fancy coffee place around the corner



For the person who has been using the same stained Tupperware all year long


For the person who is always walking around the office loudly jingling their keys


For the person who is constantly reheating their cup of coffee in the microwave


For the person whose phone is always dead walking into a meeting

For the person who loves their afternoon tea

For the person whose always getting their mug mixed up with others

For the person who is always perpetually cold

For the person who is always complaining of back pain from sitting all day long

For the person who needs a little greenery in their cubicle

For the tech savvy person whose always getting their cords tangled

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For the foodie who is always looking for a little kick

For the person who is always loosing their business cards

Leather Business Card Case

For the person who is always asking for the date

For the commuter who cant put their phone away, even in a blizzard










What are you gifting this holiday season?