We are constantly trying to think of new ways to enhance our members’ experiences here at SnapSuites. This spring, we switched over to a Comcast Fiber Optic Network, which is designed for optimal business performance. This certainly was an exciting change; but, we’re even more excited about our next project at SnapSuites. We will be giving the kitchen and dining area on the 7th floor a face lift! We will be starting this work in late August, and cannot wait to show off the final product to our members.

We want this space to be as functional as possible since it serves our current count of 74 members on the 7th floor. Along with being functional, we also plan to make it a bright, clean, and modern space. As our members know, we have the highest standards and have worked on selecting the finest finishes. Our design is geared towards increasing productivity, while also being a place where members can relax while eating lunch or collaborating with coworkers.

To give you a sneak peak of what’s to come, here are some images we’re using for inspiration in our kitchen remodel.



Kitchen Renovation - Marble Table


Kitchen Renovation - Chairs


Kitchen Renovation - Flooring


We’ll be sure to show off the finished product when it’s done!