We have an exciting event happening this Friday at SnapSuites. Our friends at Sweetgreens will be bringing members lunch for a special summer menu tasting!

As a part of the Back Bay community, Sweetgreens has the opportunity to see a lot of our members throughout the day. Sweetgreens sources from farmers and producers they know and trust, and cook food from scratch every single day – our members love it, and we do too.

sweetgreen summer salad

On Friday, June 16th at 12:00p.m., we’ll be trying out their new summer bowls, which consist of:

Mexican Corn Elote Bowl (Warm Bowl)
Arugula, quinoa, goat cheese, corn + pepper, cabbage, grape tomatoes, spicy sunflower seeds, lime cilantro.

Spring Chicken
Kale, mesclun, zucchini + green beans, basil, carrots, Parmesan crisp, chicken, pesto vinaigrette.

Strawberry Fields
Arugula, spinach, strawberry, snap pea, cucumbers, spicy seeds, lime cilantro jalapeno dressing , feta.
Strawberry salad


Full details about the event can be found here. We hope you can join us!