No day at SnapSuites is ever the same for a Client Services Coordinator. The needs and requests of our members are always changing, and thus, our days are always different. That’s the wonderful thing about this job!

Members at SnapSuites often stop by and chat with us at the front desk on their way out to lunch, but they may not really know what our days look like, as theirs are incredibly busy as well. Here, we’ll walk you through what a day might look like to give you a better idea of what we’re up to when you’re plugging away in your offices.

To begin the day, we open up both floors of SnapSuites. This entails turning on lights, refilling supplies (the coffee ones, most importantly!), and ensuring that the space looks neat and tidy. We always make sure to be back at the front desk by 9:00 am, so that we can say good morning to our members as they get in for the day, and welcome any guests our members may have coming in for meetings.

Throughout the day, we work on any administrative projects our clients may ask for assistance with. These are always different, and vary greatly upon the member and what industry they’re in. We like our members to feel like we’re a part of their team – here to help their business in any way we can.

As packages and mail arrive, we deliver them to the recipients. If a member is out of the office, they’ll receive a friendly email letting them know it’s there waiting for them.
Making sure our space is well-kept is a top priority. That’s why we have 3 scheduled cleanings throughout the day. We want your guests to be impressed when they come in to meet with you, and for you to feel at home here at SnapSuites.

With three different conference rooms, it takes a lot to manage these bookings. We clean the rooms in between each booking, and make sure to have all of the A/V set up for a meeting before a company arrives for their reservation. We really enjoy when we can order catering for your meeting. It can add such a nice touch and make the meeting more enjoyable. If we have ordered catering, we’ll set it up nicely and take care of all the cleanup, allowing you to maximize your time at the office.

Whenever there is a new company or member joining SnapSuites, it is the responsibility of a Client Services Coordinator to make this as easy a process as possible. We work with our IT provider to have a private Wi-Fi network set up for each member company, with the ports in their office dedicated specifically to that network. A phone is ready and assigned a 617-phone number upon the arrival of a new member – also set up by a Client Services Coordinator. We arrange the furniture exactly as a member has requested, and have their keys and keycard ready to be picked up on the first day a member arrive at SnapSuites. With the help of a Client Services Coordinator, all a member needs to do is show up with their laptop, and they’re ready to work.

To end the day, we’ll close up SnapSuites and bid you all adieu.

While there is a great deal more that our days consist of, this gives you a good idea as to what we’re up to all day. We enjoy helping our members, and we always encourage them to stop by and say hello!