Happy Monday readers! A week from now, Boylston Street is going to look like a completely different place, with tens of thousands of runners passing the finish line just steps outside our door. We’re getting very excited for all of the activity, but before it begins, we have a busy work week ahead. We’re starting it off the best way we know, with a round-up of some fun links from around the web.

Doing dishes is the worst.

Respect Employees - Dirty Dishes

It doesn’t get more high-end than a Ritz-Carlton yacht collection.

Respect Employees - Ritz Carlton

Some of the best wall decor wasn’t intended to be hung on a wall. 


Respect Employees - Wall decor

Those that feel respected by their bosses are 32% less likely to leave their jobs.

Respect Employees

Starbucks picked an odd time to force WiFi customers to cough up personal data.

Respect Employees - Starbucks

See you in two weeks!