Many of us consider our morning cup of coffee as one of the most important parts in getting our day started. According to the National Coffee Association’s 2013 online survey, 83 percent of adults drink coffee in the U.S. For some of us, it takes this first cup of coffee to feel like we can actually function first thing in the morning. There is certainly a dependency on the beverage, especially in office and work settings, and arguments about whether or not it is “good” for you go both ways. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the caffeinated beverage, but today, we’ll look at what makes a good cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the workday.


Start with whole beans

Grinding the beans yourself makes for a far better cup of coffee. The flavor is so much stronger, and has a more fresh taste, due to a complete extraction of soluble flavors. At SnapSuites, both of our coffee makers grind the beans specifically for each cup of coffee. It isn’t until you press the button, that the beans move from where they’re held and are ground just before hitting your cup. This process makes for a pretty incredible cup of coffee.


Get rid of single serve options

Single serve coffee makers create a ton of waste. They also don’t make a very good product. For one thing, the beans are ground who knows how long ago, to be then packaged and sit on a shelf for more time. In order for the coffee to be able to sustain this processing and packaging, quality is sacrificed. While it may be convenient in some environments, single serve coffee options are just not worth it.


Quality additives

While true coffee connoisseurs drink theirs black, most of us add some kind of combination of cream and sugar. Our favorite at SnapSuites is sugar in the raw, as it is made from natural molasses. Many of our members prefer traditional sugar or splenda, so we keep that on hand too.


coffee - cream


Filtered water

Coffee is primarily water, so the water you use to brew your cup makes a huge difference. Specifically, it is the mineral content and ph level of the water you use that makes an impact. At SnapSuites, we use filtered water to make every cup of coffee. The filters remove taste and impurities, ensuring that the only flavor going in to your cup is the flavor of the coffee itself. Depending on where you live, it may be alright to use tap water, but we find that you can never go wrong with filtered.


Use good coffee

This may seem obvious, but the product is what matters most. After extensive taste testing, we settled on Peet’s Sumatra blend to serve at SnapSuites. It has a rustic and earthy flavor, which our members love. Peet’s is a brand that we feel good about serving, because of their commitment to care for the people and places involved in growing the coffee. There are some amazing coffee roasters out there, but it definitely takes testing a few to figure out which you like best.


coffee - beans